Writing Software I’d Probably Die Without

Band Geeked Out is officially out Wednesday and Albatross is turned in and I’m percolating ideas like mad (somehow spring seems ideally suited for this!)  Life is good.

So I figured I need to express gratitude toward the computer programs that made this possible…(sadly, all for only for Macs).

1.) Scrivener.  I heard about it first on Justine Larbalestier’s excellent blog and, I’m not gonna lie, it helped tipped the scale toward switching over to a Mac last summer.  I wrote almost all of Albatross on Scrivener and cannot fathom how I lived without it.  It just made organizing my brain and formulating plots about a hundred time easier, and an organized brain is kind of nice for novel writing.  Seriously, enthusiastically and highly recommended.

2.) Freedom.  This program, quite simply, breaks the internet on your computer for as long as you ask that it be broken (I can usually only stand an hour at a time or else I get twitchy).  For people like me who have, um, a kind of hard time not being distracted by the internet (IT’S SO SHINY) Freedom could not be more aptly named.  I don’t think I could have finished Albatross in a timely manner if it weren’t for all the internet breaking that I did in those last few weeks.  Recommended!

Oh, one more!

3.) MacJournal.  One of my oldest friends (from elementary school on) began working on this program when we were in college and won some big student design award for it and now he’s like computer software hotshot out in California but he totally deserves it because this journaling program rocks.  I’ve found it incredibly handy for keeping a writer’s journal, jotting down ideas, doing free-writing, further brain organization, etc.  And it has a ton of other features, too…so very, very recommended.

Freedom is free, and Scrivener and MacJournal are both under $40.  Worthy investments, all.

  • Kristyn

    Josie, thanks for sharing this! Freedom may SAVE ME!