Writer Spaces

The other day, fellow kt literary writer friend Stephanie Perkins asked people to post pictures of their desks on twitter.  Deskporn, she called it (and THAT will get me some awesome and completely not creepy Google hits, right?)

The pictures that people tweeted were so cool!  I love seeing where people work.  Especially writers, since we as a species are usually pretty attached to our computers and work-spaces, sometimes to the point that we start to feel panicky if we’re away from them for too long (not that I have extensive personal experience with that or anything).  So when I see a writer’s desk, I feel like I know them a little better as a person.

Here is what I posted:

Where the MAGIC happens

My preciousssssss – ahem…I mean, this is where I work.

I like it okay.

There is an awesome set of photos up on the Guardian website of famous writer’s rooms.  I think the room where the Bronte sisters talked and worked is particularly interesting (and kind of haunting) (also, I would have been totally distracted and irritable and unproductive if I tried to write in a small room with sisters.  They must have been pretty tolerant of each other).

I prefer to imagine them this way: