Where I Find Characters

I went to see this band called Grizzly Bear the other night…I love their new CD and the concert was awesome, and they were also so adorable I wanted to shrink them all to 1/15th size and carry them around in my pocket.


(Disclaimer: They are slightly cuter in this video then they are in real life. That one dude’s voice is just as lovely live, though.)

One guy, the blond in the video, played like every instrument there is and some that are not (a radio tuned to white noise?).  The venue was nice and relaxed and the music was good and I started thinking over this plot of a cool new story and decided Grizzly Bear would be the soundtrack and everything was going great…

…except we just so happened to sit behind the biggest Grizzly Bear SUPER! FAN! in all of Bloomington, Indiana.  Seriously, this girl was excited.  She screamed during the silences and yelled out requests at inappropriate times and she flailed…literally.  She actually got in a fight with her boyfriend, right there in front of us, because she hit his head so many times with her flailing arms that he asked her to stop so she started yelling at him because telling a SUPER! FAN! to calm down is always a mistake.  High drama.

There wasn’t anything else for to do except make her a character in this new story, silly barrettes and all.