What I Did This Summer

Okay, I know summer isn’t technically over.  But I work at a university and when the students come back (which they’re going to do next week) let me tell you…vacation is OVER. For the whole town.

But while things were relatively quiet, I went places!  Specifically east, south and north!  Places such as…

1.) New York City!  Where apparently they sit around in folding chairs in Times Square?


I didn’t quite understand what was going on, but it seemed cool.

My favorite part of the trip was Coney Island…I am a total sucker for decaying amusement parks and rickety wooden roller coasters and, of course, Ferris wheels.


Wonder Wheel!

2.)  Then I went south to Kentucky to go on the Bourbon Trail where, incidentally, you don’t really drink a whole lot of bourbon.  It was mostly about the pretty rolling scenery and the gift shops.  Well, and getting locked in the stocks.  There was that.


Me: Guys, you’re going to come back and let me out, right?  Guys?  Hey, where are you going?


3.) Then I headed up north to the Keweenaw Peninsula (where last year I saw a BEAR.  In the WATER.)  This year was slightly less exciting in the wildlife department but the weather was near perfect and my favorite lighthouse was as lovely as always.



And now I am home and ready to get back to work.  This is going to be an exciting year…Albatross is coming out next spring (I get to post the BEAUTIFUL cover later this week!), I’m hard at work on something new, and maybe I’ll get to plan a trip out west to cover all my cardinal directions.  Fingers crossed!