Hope you all had happy long weekends! I know I did, especially since I walked (with a slight limp, on account of the fact my foot still sort of ached from my semifamous tattoo) into my local Barnes & Noble and witnessed the below:

(Note: Not this blurry in real life.)

I couldn’t resist taking a picture and then putting a copy face out. And though I tried to do that as nonchalantly as possible, as if normal people do such things in bookstores everyday, the girl who was browsing next to me started shooting concerned glances in my direction. As I left to go stalk other sections of the store, I heard her whispering to her mom about how some people are so weird.

Girl in Bookstore, I totally agree! And by the way, are you in marching band? Because I have the perfect book for you…

  • Trish

    Josie, just wanted to tell you… I loved Band Geek Love! And, when it came into my bookstore, I put it on an endcap with Maureen, Alyson, E. Lockhart, and Melissa Marr. (No one gave me strange looks, though. I work there. 😉 )