Valentine’s Day Grinch

So I really love Kristin Cashore’s idea about Interplanetary Be Yourself Day as a substitute for Valentine’s Day (her first entry about it is here, and the most recent one is here.)  Basically, she feels that Valentine’s Day unnecessarily divides people into two erroneous categories: those who are part of a couple and therefore happy, and those who are single and therefore depressed.  Which just isn’t fair or accurate…there are all sorts of ways to be!

The other night I was looking through my old journals for research purposes, and found the entry I wrote on Valentine’s Day when I was sixteen. It got me thinking about Albatross because it a) involved Solo & Ensemble Festival (me = band geek, of course) and b) was about angsty, unrequited love.  Both of these are experiences I blatantly stole from myself for Albatross.

I totally made up the part about having a hot accompanist, though.

Long backstory short, on Valentine’s/Solo & Ensemble Day in 1998 I was ENTIRELY smitten with this guy who had recently told me “oh I just want to be friends because you’re really cool and I don’t want to ruin our awesome friendship blah de blah lamesauce” and my feelings about that development were demonstrated by how I noted the date:

(I still can’t spell February without spell-check)

I’ll let 16 year-old me take it from here:

With all this upheaval in my life, I still managed to get it together for solo and ensemble. My solo went okay, by no means my best playing, but I got a one.  The duet was supposed to be a joke, and we thought we wouldn’t get a rating, but the judge was so into it he didn’t care.  He gave us a one! So the day, so far, has been a triumph.

But if today will be all around wonderful remains to be seen. I’m going over to [Name Redacted to Protect the Semi-Innocent]’s house tonight, where I suppose I’ll find out if my heart is to be totally broken, or sewed up at the tears. Your guess is as good as mine.

In any case, if my heart is to be ripped apart, the last few days have convinced me I’ll be able to recover. I don’t need his love to keep on living. I don’t need to be certain of his devotion to become an adult, and succeed. In any case, he is just a nice little detour on the road to real loves.

Just need to remember that.

I think that slightly-over-dramatic 16 year-old me would be pretty excited about the concept of Interplanetary Be Yourself Day.  And that’s what older-and-wiser current me is going to celebrate in 2010.

Have a lovely weekend, wherever and whoever you are!

  • musicgirl12

    Solo & Ensemble! Wow, you rock! I'm also 16 and I'm going to State Solo & Ensemble TOMORROW! My clarinet solo…excited yet quite nervous.

  • titi

    wow . niceeeee (: