Two exciting things!

1.) Band Geeked Out will be out in SIXTEEN days!  Craziness.

2.) I am almost done drafting my next book (currently called Albatross because the title fits and I also adore how it works my last name) and I am kind of in love with it.  Which is great because I was a little worried regarding how I’d feel when I was finished…it’s a considerably darker story than the Band Geek books.

Writing it has been kind of a stretch for me, in sometimes unpleasant ways…I guess maybe because it’s kind of hard going from a brash and bold character like Ellie Snow to writing the main character of Albatross, Tess, who is much less sure of herself and what she wants and is conflicted about how she thinks people should be allowed treat her. And I suppose I’ve sort of felt like I’ve been living through the story with Tess…suffering alongside her as she battles it all out and takes charge of her life.

But stretching has been great, I think, and I’m pretty pleased with the results.  I think both Tess and I will come out stronger for the experience.