Tight Spot

Tonight I’m going caving (like, legally…with a local outdoors group. I’m not sneaking in anywhere and getting lost, Tom Sawyer-style, though that would be all sorts of awesome.  For, um, a little while at least).

While I am excited about this trip, it could potentially lead to a few different things:

A) One or several claustrophobic mini-panic attacks and a sudden desire for a pet canary,

B) The discovery of a fantastic new life-long hobby or at least a cool, adventurous evening that doesn’t involve staring down a computer,

C) Me getting very muddy and sore and possibly covered in bat droppings,

D) The formulation of an epic new story idea involving hidden treasure, skeletons, falling stalactites, and miniature cave-dwelling Cloverfield monsters, or,

E) All of the above (likely).

I’ll try and take pictures…don’t worry. Well, maybe worry about me in a cave, but don’t worry about the chance I won’t take pictures.  If I get a good one, I’ll post it later this week!

  • Reader Rabbit

    oooh…please post the pictures 😀