Things That Happened, Including Alpacas

Hello! I am a very terrible blogger. I apologize.

This sort of feels like when I was keeping a journal as a kid, and I’d forget to write for a couple of days and then feel guilty, and more time would pass and I’d feel guiltier. And all the stuff that had happened in my life that I would normally file away on a journal page would end up piled in my brain until I couldn’t take it anymore and I’d spend hours writing a big long summary just to get some peace in my head.

Get out of my head, Stuff!

1.) My signing at Schuler Books and visit to Haslett High School up in Michigan went very well. I wasn’t even that nervous because everyone was so nice and reassuring! I just said “I’m very nervous about this” and they all said “Oh, don’t be, it’s going to be fine” and I believed them and it really was fine.

It was so awesome to meet some readers (many of whom were band geeks!) and hear what they thought about the book and how they identified with Ellie and the story. I put faces to the teenagers who I write for, and that was very cool.

Here is a bad camera phone picture proving it happened –

Missing: One snifter of brandy.

2.) My new editor put up a funny post about Band I Mean Banned books

3.) I was cast in a new set of plays, one of which I wrote!, that will be performed right around the election. I am somewhat of a political junkie (it was my major in college, after all) especially around elections, (YA for Obama!), so to combine three of my favorite hobbies (writing plays, politics and acting) has been a total blast.

I recommend combining favorite hobbies whenever possible, unless your favorite hobbies happen to be sleeping, downhill skiing and archery. Or cooking, knitting and base jumping. Or…well, you get it.

4.) I accidentally ended up in an entire building full of alpacas! They are, seriously, the most adorably unlikely animals this side of a platypus. They are cute and furry and you just want to squeeze them, but alpacas are very suspicious and don’t especially like it when you look at them, let alone touch them. Convincing an alpaca to eat some treats out of my hand was a major victory.

I would like an entire alpaca herd, please. Except I’d spend all my time trying to befriend them and wouldn’t get any writing done.

Alpaca: “Why are you looking at me? Please stop.”

And…well, that’s pretty much it. Busy busy but I shall try and be a better blogger from here on out!

  • Erin…you know me

    Hey. I bet the kids would have really liked you if you HAD had a brandy snifter with you. Rock the cashbah. And you shouldn’t feel bad about missing days when in one blog you can fit a)A school visit, 2)Alpacas, and b/3)knitting and base jumping??? Don’t sweat it, Ace.

    P.S. You’re gonna be rockin’ in the show! haha!!!

    hearts in your general direction-Erin

  • musicgirl12

    I'd send some alpacas if i could…u rock!!!