They Say It’s Your…

Today is my birthday!  It’s one of those “significant” birthdays that everyone makes a big deal about (rhymes with flirty) (and dirty?) (and hurdy gurdy!) (basically, it rhymes with entertaining words).

I’m throwing myself approximately four parties and demanding that friends and family come visit me, because if you can’t be a greedy birthday princess on a significant birthday, WHEN CAN YOU? (Answer: Every birthday.)

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you the excellent gift I got this week – the gorgeous cover to my next book, FAKING FAITH!  I love it so.

Out on November 8th!  Also, SO PRETTY!

(My cover girls always seem to have awesome lip makeup situations.)

Much more to come about this book, which I am so stoked about, but for now I have to go clean my entire apartment from top to bottom.  You see, almost all of my female relations will be descending tomorrow, which has incited some sort of massive cleaning panic in my lizard brain.  Even the baseboards and that spot under the chair that no one can see shall be scrubbed!  If there is dirt, they will know it’s there.  Now that I’m hurdy gurdy, I don’t have any more excuses.

Have a great weekend, friends!