Summer Goings On

Hello again!  I know, I’m a total blogging delinquent who belongs in blogger detention, forced to type “I will blog regularly like a good blogger should” 1,000 times on a giant keyboard.  Related: How weird and meaningless is the word “blog” if you use it too often?  Very much weird and meaningless.

Blog.  Blog blog blog.  Blaaaaaaaawg.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty busy this summer with important things like writing my next book.  Well, right now it’s more like working myself into a frothing panic over my next book, but that’s completely part of my process and is expected and on schedule.

I’ve been busy with other important things like putting on a dress and going to very lovely weddings – one of them involved sparklers and no one caught on fire!  Another one had teacups and cupcakes and croquet! – and playing lots of Rock Band (drums on hard level, guys.  Truth.)

I’ve also been reading some incredibly engrossing books which I can recommend:

Care for some vampires with your apocalypse?

Vampires. Apocalypse.  Apocalypse VIA VAMPIRES.

And then I’ve been doing slightly more terrifying things, like preparing myself for my impending demise in the wilderness of Canada.  For some reason, I’m going on a week-long canoe trip in a remote park where there are WOLVES and BLACK FLIES and NO INTERNET CONNECTIONS ANYWHERE.  I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to those three things (among many other things), so I’m expecting that I’ll probably just die.

I’ve asked my family to make up a story about how I died heroically, like as I was single-handedly defending the whole group from a rabid grizzly bear (is there such a thing?  Don’t answer that…

Oh, hey Bear!  What’s up?  Nope, I definitely wasn’t talking about you behind your back.  Heh heh.  Heh.  RUN!)

…instead of just expiring from being a wuss.  A wuss going through severe internet withdrawal. It’s a very serious condition, you know.

If I survive, I will make sure to report back!