Stuff That is Currently Distracting Me

Oh…hey! Yeah, I’m still here. I’ve just been very occupied by the following things:

1.) Band Geeked Out revisions! I chained myself to the computer and finished up a round, mostly working on various inconsistencies with the timeline. It turns out that I’m very good at creating strange and convoluted inconsistencies with timelines, which makes me very glad that I have editors.

Sprucing the story up made me even more excited about it…I can’t believe Band Geeked Out will be out in April!

2.) Theater! The writing-a-play-in-a-night thing went surprisingly well, despite the fact that one of the rules was that I had to incorporate a ferret tube as a prop. A ferret tube, if you don’t know, is like a very long, plastic-covered slinky. And very long, plastic-covered slinkies are not props that are commonly found in plays. Fortunately, I managed to find a use for it (obviously ferret tubes are alien communication devices) and came up with a funny play that did not totally suck. Hooray!

3.) Perusing the LIFE magazine online photo archive. I get hopelessly lost in it at least every other day. And it’s pretty hard to find your way out of an online photo archive of that extent, let me tell you. You think you might see an exit, but it turns out to be twelve pages of cowboy pictures. So you double back and go the other way, and run right into 200 photos of drive-in theaters. It never ends.

4.) Decorating my apartment for the holidays, which included putting up my tree and my most favorite new ornament:

The Michigan fan snowman does not wish to speak of football.

Please do not bring it up. He will just get upset.

5.) Twittering…I’m a little bit obsessed. I usually update once or more a day over there, since the micro-blogging thing is a bit less intimidating than trying to figure out what to say here. Plus it requires much less focus. Follow me! I talk about fascinating things like…um…pumpkin scones and my issues with annoying neighbors!

  • Alexis Stempien


    I’m incredibly excited to read Band Geeked Out in April!! I wandered into a bookstore this morning, saw the book and about screamed. I’ve never seen a book that centers (mostly) around marching band. Though, I must say the mellophone is quite superior to the trumpet… 🙂

    The book itself was pretty amazing. I about squealed at the first page itself and I have intentions of reccomending it to every single one of my friends. You’re a fantastic author and I wish you much luck in the rest of your projects!

    A fan, mellophone, freshman and future drum major,
    Alexis Stempien

  • Josie Bloss

    Thanks, Alexis! I’m so glad you liked the book!

  • musicgirl12

    Wow, you GO, future drum major!!! You can do it, and maybe you even have it by now! If so, congrats!