Band Geek Love was reviewed by The Edge of the Forest, a monthly online journal devoted to children’s literature. I’m still getting used to the fact that people, like, out in the world who I don’t know are going to be reading and having opinions about my book, so after I finished freaking out about that, I read the review and thought it was fair and insightful.

My favorite part:

“…when four years worth of drama catches up with her, Ellie’s insecurities as she negotiates the new world of emotions are pathetic and realistic. Anyone who has tried to control what other people think of them will recognize the flailing and freaking out that Ellie does as she realizes that the world is what it is, and she’s not in control of anything.”

And also, of course:

“…this is a bumbling, geeky little love story that may make you smile.”

Can’t argue with making people smile…it might be my favorite thing to do. Well, next to karaoke and taking naps.