Showin’ Some Love

Before I go any further, I would like to thank the following three people without whom there would be no This:

1.) My awesome agent Kate Schafer, who does exciting stuff like move across the country and open her own agency, and also some stuff that is probably not-so exciting, like cheerfully answering my never-ending questions and patiently telling me that yes, I am in fact a Real Writer.

2.) My fellow-band-geek editor Andrew Karre, who just totally gets it. I feel so lucky to be helped through this process by such an excellent guide…

3.) My dripping-with-creativity web guru Adam Schweigert, who makes the most pretty and practical things out of zeros and ones. And who also takes fantastic photographs. And composes lovely music on top of that. Being a person who is mostly only capable of thinking in words, these are all talents that fill me with awe.

Thank you all! I’d be lost.