Hi all!

Sorry I’ve been so absent…I swear I haven’t been lost in a cave this whole time. I actually started a new job (which has been great! And I’m not just saying that because I know all my lovely new co-workers are reading this! I really mean it!) and have been busy wrestling with the sequel to Band Geek Love.

That’s right…there’s going to be a sequel, and it’s going to be called Band Geeked Out. (How proud am I of that title? I can’t really say because you’ll think I’m conceited). I was nervous because I didn’t know much about writing sequels, but fortunately I’ve found plenty of excellent advice on the internets…such as my personal writerly hero Maureen Johnson’s article on Inside a Dog.

Per Maureen’s helpful second suggestion (the first being to remember what you wrote in the earlier book), I’m currently trying to figure out how to introduce a zombie at Winslow High School. Do you think the walking dead could manage a musical instrument and/or a flag? Because I just watched “I Am Legend” the other day, and I’m pretty sure that brand of zombie wouldn’t be a terribly productive addition to a marching band…but maybe one of the more sedate varieties could be a drummer or something (oh, burn!)

  • Little Willow

    YAHOO! Congrats!

  • Trish

    You’d probably be better off with a Shaun of the Dead-style zombie, like Shaun’s friend he keeps chained in the shed in the yard. I think he could probably handle an instrument…at least until he got hungry.