Release day is here! I have heard eyewitness reports of Band Geek Love being seen out in the wild!  Yippee!

My awesome agent Kate is celebrating by talking about tales of high school geekiness over on her blog .  I don’t have much to contribute because it’s pretty obvious the ways in which I was a geek (see: title of my book) but fellow geeks of many varieties are telling their stories in the comments.

I ended up beginning my celebration in an unexpected way…the somewhat elderly laptop on which I wrote Band Geek Love decided that today was an appropriate day to give up the fight.  I congratulated my laptop on the nice symmetry in that decision and hurried out to acquire a new one.  And my sparkly new MacBook (definitely a she, as yet unnamed) is so pretty!  I took a lot of pictures which I will put up as soon as I figure out how this newfangled thing works.

Other pub day plans have not been accomplished yet but they are In Progress.  Assuming I don’t chicken out!  Fingers crossed…

  • Little Willow

    Happy release day!

  • Josie’s mom’s friend

    Congratulations, Josie!!!!

  • Caryn

    Congratulations on your release! Hope it was fun! Sorry about your laptop, though. And don’t chicken out on the other release day fun, whatever it might be.

  • Kelly

    Congratulations! My official review: Move over, Bible; Band Geek Love is here!!