Publication Day Woot!

Band Geeked Out = OFFICIALLY OUT!  It is not an April Fool’s Joke!

I am very excited.  Today will involve lots of exclamation points.  Even more exclamation points than I used last night at this etiquette dinner I attended when I learned how to hold an appetizer plate, wine glass and napkin all in my left hand, leaving my right hand free for introductions (a trick which I have to admit I found rather magical.  I’ll totally show you how to do it sometime).

I’ve been listening to the below song obsessively for the past few weeks, and the video just seems so appropriate for this occasion…I think I might feel exactly like this dude with his beloved “Condos Now Selling” sign.

It’s lookin’ like a beautiful day…

I’m so happy Ellie Snow is out there in the world again!!

  • Little Willow

    Happy release day (belated) and happy birthday (on time)!

    I totally dug BGO, as you know, I’m an idiot who hasn’t typed up the review I wrote by hand on paper, oh, three months ago. (And I didn’t mean for that to rhyme.) As soon as I do, I’ll send you the link. 🙂