Pub Day is Almost Here!

Guys, Band Geek Love officially comes out TOMORROW! How did this happen so quickly? I had over a year to prepare for this day and it still feels like it jumped out at me from behind a shrubbery!

I have some sort of cool plans for tomorrow…plans that I am slightly nervous about for various reasons that will soon become clear and that will involve pictures that I will post.  And because I just told all of you that, it means I HAVE to go through with the plans because everyone knows that once things are on the internet they cannot be taken back ever.

Anyway, assuming I survive the pub day plans (and no, my dear parents who are reading this, the plans do not involve jumping out of a plane…that’s for the NEXT book), I will be back tomorrow evening with a full report.

Yay, Band Geek Love !!

  • Caryn

    Ooh, I’m curious about those plans! I’ll definitely have to check back tomorrow.

    As for things not able to be taken back on the internet, I learned that one the hard way. Before anyone at all was reading my very first blog, I ranted about where I worked. I didn’t put my name in there, or the name or even type of business, so unless people knew specifically, they’d have no idea. I thought that was safe. A long, long time later, after I’d forgotten that was even on there, I showed my blog to a “friend” of mine from a different place of work. She was also my manager, but I didn’t think that would much matter because I’d long ago forgotten my rant. She was looking at starting a blog, and I said I’d help her out. Unbeknownst to me, when she saw the rant, she showed our boss, thinking he should know. It inspired some serious trust issues between us. Then he told my new boss about it when I moved on to a different work place — even though I had erased it long before, horrified at what had happened. So now I’m ultra, super careful never to say or write anything mean about anyone who could be hurt by it — especially online!

  • The Story Siren

    Yay!! I’m so excited for you!! and cool plans for tomorrow!! i can’t wait for that!!