Plays! Lighthouses! Cats!

Whew, guys, I have been BUSY. Not only am I finishing up a draft of Band Geeked Out (I like to think that I’m in the “herding cats” stage, trying to tie all these disparate elements together into something that makes sense which sometimes feels as easy as…well…herding cats), but I’m ALSO in a play that’s opening tomorrow night. It’s a hilarious piece (I play a perky telemarketer who loves her job a little too much), and the whole thing has been a ton of fun, but my time management skillz have been put to the test.

Fortunately, on Sunday I’m off to a yearly family reunion in the farthest remote reaches of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where they do not believe in internet or plays or telemarketers. The U.P. is one of my most favorite places on the planet and the area I’m headed looks something like this:

Actually, it looks exactly like this.

I plan to do nothing else but revise, eat pancakes, revise, walk to the lighthouse, revise, canoe around the bay, revise, sing some songs by the campfire, and then revise some more. With perhaps a few breaks to make my family read the Band Geeked Out draft and give me their opinions. And they are good at giving opinions, let me tell you. On just about anything. They are totally up for the job.

I’ll be back soon to report the excellent news that I’ve turned in Band Geeked Out!

Hope you all are having wonderful summers!

  • Caryn

    Sounds like so much fun! Have a great time and a safe trip. Oh, and good luck with your revisions.