One Week To Go

Friends, Albatross is officially out in one week!  It appears to be already shipping from Amazon, too, if you’re into that sort of thing (I know I am…far too often).

Also, I’m excited to share this happy-making review from Kirkus:

Music geeks walk the fine line between love and unhealthy obsession. Despite her friends’ warnings about his creepy behavior, Tess falls for intense, pretentious Micah. From the start of their relationship, Micah never fails to let Tess know that she is second to his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Daisy. Micah ignores Tess, makes remarks about her dumb, shallow friends and bites her hard enough to leave a mark, but Tess can’t get him out of her head. Her tolerance of Micah’s behavior echoes the way her mother handled her distant, critical father. Once she finds the bravery to stand up to her dad, she also finds a way to break off from Micah. Bloss shows the ways that emotional bullying can affect a supposedly loving relationship and how one teen repeats—and breaks—the cycle of abuse. Though some moments of Tess’s growth in strength are rendered heavy-handedly, her story will wrench hearts. Girls who believe in the swept-off-her-feet romance may see that a “perfect” boy’s veneer can hide an ugly, domineering personality. (Fiction. YA)

I’m very pleased that the words “heart” and “wrench” have been applied to this book multiple times.  It’s my favorite verb to inflict upon one of my favorite nouns!  Especially if it’s inflicted for the purposes of something Good…namely, my belief that no one has the right to belittle, manipulate or make another person feel bad about themselves.  Not a parent, not a friend, not that dreamy dude/tte who seems to be otherwise perfect and alluring in every way.  Albatross is my tribute to that belief as well as to one of my mom’s most helpful sayings, “Don’t have a wishbone where your backbone ought to be”.  Word.

And on a lighter note, take a look at this badass trifecta:

Stand back or these girls will CUT you.  With PAPER.