Next Book = DONE!

Guys!  OMG GUYS! I just finished and sent a full draft of my next book!  HUZZAH!

It’s currently called Faking Faith and will be out next Fall from Flux.  I AM SO EXCITED.

In celebration (and because Faking Faith involves farm animals), I present this, the best dairy-farm-related video that I’ve ever seen in my whole life (which is…saying something?).  Sometimes I am just so glad to be alive at this point in the internet, you know?

Yeah, you’re looking good in your cap and your shirt!

Now to figure out how to best bliss out and relax between now and when the revision letter comes in.  I’m thinking…Nanowrimo.  That makes sense, right?

  • musicgirl12

    Congrats Josie! I bet it's every bit as good as the first books! I'd love to read a new book about Ellie soon.