A pictorial essay:

It started out a little fraught…YIKES.

But then it got pretty and sun-spackled! (And OMG so hot.  Hot.  During the summer.  Who would have known.)

I went to a Little League game and ate some candy of my childhood. (Not as good as I remembered.  And kind of stale.  This particular push pop might have actually have been made DURING my childhood)…

Then I spent some time hunting the wily and mythical wild lawn flamingo (unsuccessfully)…

But mostly it’s been as much of this as I can manage.  Ahhh.

Hope you’re having a lovely summer, too! (WATCH OUT FOR LAWN FLAMINGOS.)

  • Girliegig

    I LOVE the photo of the flamingos. Really beautiful. And the way they are hidden in all of the foliage is so much fun!

  • Girliegig

    oh…and sun-spackled makes me smile

  • Caryn Caldwell

    Looks like a wonderful summer! Well, other than the tornadoes. We had them in Ohio, and they were scary. As for push pops, I tried one last summer, and it definitely wasn’t as good as I remembered. Maybe they changed the formula.