My Plot is Ill-Mannered

Check out this cool article about me in the Lansing City Pulse!  I like it most because it uses the phrase “prose stained”.  Very pretty.  Thanks Greg!

Band Geeked Out is officially off to the printer (huzzah!) so I’ve been chin-deep in Albatross for the past few weeks. It’s going pretty well, except the story is RUDELY INSISTING on taking off in directions I had previously not considered.  And I sat the story down, and calmly explained this concept of a synopsis, and then it got all hostile and defensive like a guest on Jerry Springer “You don’t know me!  You don’t know my life!” and I said, “Well, actually, yes I do.  I brought you into this world, story.  I CAN TAKE YOU OUT” and then there was hair pulling and someone had to call in security before it got too ugly.

But later we were able to talk out our differences, and I’ll grudgingly admit that the story is probably right about some things.  Albatross needs to be a bit…lighter.  A tad less mopey and a touch more snarky sweet.  So I’m giving the story a chance to wander and I’ll see where it takes me. Hopefully not to stupid places.

Writing!  It’s always an adventure.