Library Appreciation Day!

Look at this coolness over on Julia Karr’s blog…Library Appreciation Day!

Julia interviewed two librarians at the Monroe County Public Library (which is also my local and much beloved library since Julia and I live in the same town – Bloomington, Indiana). I especially love this comment by Chris Hosler, Teen Programmer/Reference Librarian:

It’s amazing that there’s a job like this out there for people like me, who love to learn for learning’s sake and to meet all sorts of people each day. It’s that curiosity about life and the people we share it with that I think draws many librarians to the profession. I guess I just want people to know that, and to please come talk to us when you’re in the library – we do this job because we love it and love to help folks access the information they need, and yes, the crotchety librarian is a cruel stereotype, so don’t be afraid to ask us for help!

Julia is also donating $1 to everyone who comments on her blog today (April 12), so go over there and comment and make her pay up!  Her blog is also a great resource for writing news and advice and she updates it very regularly (unlike some people we know…ahem) (that would be me), so I highly recommend checking it out.

And come back here soon, because I hope to announce the details of the Best Birthday Present EVER sometime this week!

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    Happy birthday, Josie!!!