Here was the big news yesterday:

Beautiful copies of Albatross!!

Alas, this pose doesn’t work quite as well as it did for Band Geeked Out.

But let’s be honest, BGO will always have the edge on being my coverface.

I am very happy to be holding this lovely thing in my hands and I can never get over how weirdly awesome it is, after slaving away for months over something on a computer screen, staring at pixels for so long the words almost lose all meaning, to actually get to hold the complete product at the end.  Maybe back when writers had to mess with longhand and typewriters and whiteout and fountain pens and multiple hard copies and all those sturdy, tactile things (not just fingertips on a keyboard or a palm on a mouse) there wasn’t such a disconnect.  But for me, this is when a book finally becomes real.

Which might be why I got confused and tried to eat it.

What?  It made sense at the time.