Band Geek Love got another cool review, this one from Confessions of a Bibliovore . I especially liked this part, since it was something I thought a lot about as I was writing the book:

In a lot of ways, this is a risky book. For one thing, band members are not exactly the most revered creatures in any high school. (Trust me; I went to a school with a nationally honored marching band and they were still considered the ragingest geeks to walk the halls.) Bloss not only brings us intimately into this world, she feels no need to normalize it. This is not a book where the band geek becomes accepted by the popular crowd. It takes place wholly within the world of marching band.

I received another review, but this one isn’t on the internets because it came by phone call from one of my best friends from college, Kelly. She and I met while we were waiting in line to check out our euphoniums for college marching band (both of us were switching to euph from other instruments, her: trombone, me: trumpet, and were kind of nervous about it), and have been close ever since. Since Kelly is a former band geek (high school drum major, no less) who now works as an English and film teacher at a high school in Chicago, her opinion is especially meaningful.

"It was so good! And the descriptions of marching band totally took me back," she said. "I’d get all caught up in the story and be excited about what happens next and then I’d really, ‘wait, Josie wrote this!’ Can I lend it out to some of my students?"

Um, YEAH .

In other news, the sequel, Band Geeked Out , is going really well. My editor recently showed me the cover which got me all excited about a new plot line and I’ve generally been a writing machine for the past week or so. Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected places! I’ll be talking more about the Big New Plot Line as I develop it. I’m hopeful that it might allow me to follow in the footsteps of my personal writerly heroes…and get me banned!