ILU Fall & Not Falling Down Waterfalls

Hello all!  I hope everyone had a fabulous late-summer and that you’re all as happy as I am that fall is almost here.  (I don’t know about you guys, but my love for fall borders on the epic-ode obsessive.  If I could live in a place where it was all fall all the time, I would be in BLISS.)

To the shock of everyone, most of all myself, I survived the back-country canoe trip in Canada!  Here is photographic proof it actually happened:

Me in Quetico Provincial Park at the top of Louisa Falls, which I somehow managed not to fall down.  This was, like, day six without a shower.  Situation was dire.

It really was a great experience, though, and it was nice to know that I won’t fall to whiny pieces if I don’t have access to the internet or air conditioning.  And that I can carry a canoe all by myself and avoid being eaten by bears.  And that I can spend a week in the woods with my family and everyone will probably emerge ALIVE and speaking to each other (mostly).

After that, I took my yearly pilgrimage to the Keeweenaw Peninsula, where we found ourselves compelled to attempt the mentos/coke experiment:


As my friend Kelly says, there’s something about the wilderness that can bring out the juvenile delinquent in people.  AGREED.

It’s just unending amounts of lovely up there.

But then it was back to work and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since!  Working and writing and researching and thinking.  Pulling a book together is damn hard…even when you know you’re capable of it because you’ve pulled a book together before, it’s still so easy to be filled with doubt and angst and despair.  And honestly, I’ve found the only solution is to just plow right through the middle.

So…off I go, right through the middle!

  • musicgirl12

    Hey, looks like you had an awesome trip. I went to the UP myself this summer, and it's pretty cool to see your pictures.

    Impatiently waiting for your next book! 🙂