Sluggish Sales Reported for “Sousaphone Hero” (from The Onion)

Well, I for one would be all over Trumpet Hero if they ever created that…I played a lot of Rock Band and Guitar Hero this past weekend, and while they were fun, I think the market is totally ripe for a similar game for marching band.  You know, like some sort of combination of Dance Dance Revolution and plastic marching band instruments…it would be awesome!  Right?  Hello?  Is this thing on?

  • musicgirl12

    That would be unbelieveably cool. I for one LOVE Guitar Hero even though there's no way I'd actually play guitar. Anyway, I kind on had a cool Guitar Hero experience a year or so ago. I had never played the game before but I won my first round because of my actual band experience. I could actually follow the music unlike some people…