Goodbye Cornet

Hello!  I hope you all had lovely holiday seasons that, um, ended several weeks ago.  The holidays, for me, are what I fondly refer to as my “Completely Unproductive Slothful Sprawled Out on the Couch With a Stack of Movies” time.  And it is hard to get back in the swing of things.

But, exciting news!  Band Geeked Out is DONE.  From acknowledgments to the back cover copy (which is adorable).  I’m very happy with the book, and was super stoked to see it on Little Willow’s list of notable advance reads in teen fiction.  It’s officially out on April 1st, which seems weirdly both far away and very, very soon.

So when I was hanging out with the family over the holidays, I heard some interesting news.  My eight year-old cousin has started playing trumpet.  And apparently he’s really into it!  This is cool because it makes him the fourth person in my family to play trumpet…my grandpa and my dad played, so did I, and now my little cousin.

And since my grandpa, dad and I all played on the same cornet (which is basically the same thing as a trumpet, just a little smaller and more mellow), the same unused cornet that is currently inhabiting a cobwebby corner of my closet, I did what any good older cousin would do.  I offered to send him the instrument.

Even though I haven’t played my cornet since high school (I switched to euphonium in college marching band), and even though I still have my fancy silver trumpet to get out when I’m feeling sentimental, I’m still kind of sad about passing on the cornet.  I played it for seven years, carried it back and forth to school, played solos on it for my senior year show, thought about throwing it at people’s heads on occasion…it holds a lot of memories.

So I took some pictures:


Oh, wait.  THAT’S not right.

(It’s a Christmas decoration my mom gave me.  I tried to play it, but it is not a real trumpet.)


Okay, much better.  Isn’t it pretty?  I mean, in a brassy and practical sort of way.

I also had to clean out the case, which was a very interesting archaeological dig through my past.  Like I said, I haven’t played this cornet since high school, so the case contained many fascinating artifacts of 17 year-old me.



(1) Order form for band polo shirt

(1) Brass polishing cloth (lightly-used)

(1) Note from high school bff bad-mouthing other high school bff (names redacted to protect the innocent)

(1) Sunblock

(1) Gently-used lyre, taped-together

(1) Name badge from music camp

(1) Empty bottle of valve oil

(1) Pixie stick wrapper

(1) Mechanical Pencil

(1) Container of slide grease

Closer examination of my cornet revealed the following:


I believe this very well could be a dent from throwing the cornet at someone’s head.

So that’s that, I suppose.  Use it well, cousin, but you better believe I want it back when my (hypothetical) child is ready to play!

  • Little Willow

    What a beautiful instrument – and I love all of the little things that were in the case! Thanks for sharing.

  • musicgirl12

    The whole thing was so cool! I have also found random pencils and other things in my clarinet case, and believe me, some things can really set off memories. Like that one time at band camp… It was the first week before my freshman year. We were doing a comprtition…making instrument sculptures. We put tape on all our mouthpiece covers to keep them straight…it's still there. It's almost the end of sophomore year. And we won the competition too! Good times… 🙂