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I have a guest blog post over on Story Siren today in which I discuss (and quote!) the specific journal entry that I wrote on the last day of band camp when I was 17 which inspired Band Geek Love. Take a look! The Story Siren is also giving away a copy of Band Geek Love in her monthly contest.

Well, my friends, last night I followed through with my big pub day plans one day late. Please see below (and excuse the bad camera phone quality and lack of pedicure):

No one thought I’d go through with it. Including me. But it barely hurt! For serious!

When I told my mom what I planned on doing to commemorate the occasion of my first book being published, she sighed deeply. “I just don’t understand why it has to involve needles and pain,” she pointed out.

And I explained that I wanted something permanent, something that I’d take with me everywhere to remind me what I’ve accomplished with Band Geek Love and what I hope will happen in the future (I think I’m going to add to it with each book). I mean, I guess I could get a pet monkey and carry him around everywhere to remind me, but I don’t think monkeys are allowed in my apartment building or at my job.

And Mom said “OK, fine, I understand the concept. But why does it have to involve NEEDLES and PAIN?”

I suppose moms never like the idea of their children in pain, even if it’s self-inflicted

Anyway, it wasn’t that bad, Mom! It helped that the tattoo artist was extremely, distractingly cute and also the fact a tattoo that size takes, like, ten minutes tops. It stung a bit, but I just chattered away with my friend, who also got a tattoo (she is a bad ass doctor who is about to go away to learn how to fly planes), and then it was done! It made me happy…I see how it can become addictive.

And I think Ellie would totally approve.

  • http://booklady.wordpress.com Caryn

    I LOVE it, Josie! I can see why you’re nervous, but it looks cute, and I’m so glad you’re happy with it. What a good idea. I haven’t gotten a tattoo a tattoo before, but I’ve been tempted a time or two. Your fist novel’s release seems like a good occasion for it.

  • http://ktliterary.com/daphne.html Daphne Unfeasible

    Love it!! Looks great.

  • http://chelseatalkssmack.blogspot.com/ Chelsea Talks Smack

    YAY! Amazing. I have on on the inner arch of my foot and it didnt hurt either…I also managed to convince my mother, my aunts and my GRANDMA to get matching tattoos on our wrists. I should win an award for persuasion. Happy 4th!!

  • http://www.mandabach.com Brian Mandabach

    Looks fab–congrats and good luck with BGL!

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