First Chapter of Band Geeked Out!

Exciting news, guys…a pdf of the first chapter of Band Geeked Out is posted right here!  Go forth and read about Ellie’s terrifying experience with the dreaded letter from a college that her parents want her to go to but she’s not sure about and is it a thick envelope or a thin one and what if she got in she’ll have to choose freak out freak out OMGPANIC.

Except, you know, with less run-on sentences.

The whole book with all the chapters will be out April 1st!

I am still wrestling with Albatross (the working title just seems SO fitting right now), and am also still buried in about five feet of theater stuff (writing for a workshop and acting in a bunch of super-short plays…in one piece I get to wear crazy silver platform boots and in another I play Sarah Palin [heh]).  It’s a busy, crazy, fun time and it’s making February seem like an eye-blink…which in my opinion is the very best way for February to be.