Faking Faith News and Theme Song!

It is somehow a fact that Faking Faith will be out in less than six weeks.  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?  And it’s autumn now?  Where did summer go?  WHO SPED UP THE TIME?  I have lots of questions.

I’m super psyched for the Faking Faith release, though, especially since getting the news that it’s an official Junior Library Guild pick for this winter.  I’ll be honest…I was entirely 100% certain that I wanted to write this book, and I’m entirely 100% certain that I’m proud of how it turned out.  But I was NOT entirely 100% certain that it would appeal to the rest of the world.

The anonymous and benevolent “They” instruct you to write what delights you, to write the book that you want to read, the book that makes your blood run fast and your brain gears spin, and to forget about the what the rest of the world might think.

And I find that separation is fairly easy to accomplish when you’re actually wrapped up in writing the book. You put down the words and create the story and live in a little universe under your control, just you and your characters hanging out together and making stuff up.

Eventually you finish the book and lovely people help you edit it.  Then the months creep by, the publication date gets closer, reviews start coming in, and you have to face the fact that after all that work and all that time spent living in that story, those words are not yours anymore.  Your part is finished and the book has to stand all on its own.

It’s a disassociation that can be pretty jarring, especially if the book is on a potentially controversial topic, such as Faking Faith.

It makes me think of the theme song I used for this book, which I still listen to almost daily (plus the cutest video in the world):

Beth Orton – Shopping Trolley

(For some reason, I can’t get it to embed, but watch it here! I swear it’s the best thing ever.)

I think I’m gonna cry

But I’m gonna laugh about it

All in time

I know I’m gonna cry

But I’m gonna laugh about it

All in time, all in time…

  • http://twitter.com/dracosboy Sukanya Anya Bee.

    Is there going to be a sequel to “Faking Faith”? 🙂 Please do reply, I’m dying of suspense!

  • Hunnibee2003

    i agree please let there be a sequel…. where you left off gives it such an opening for a sequel, it can be called Finding Faith or Discovering Dylan… i want to know what happens with Abigail and Beau and Dylan and Asher

  • Anonymous

    pretty pretty please, just created an account to make sure i kept up on this site

  • TayRamsey

    Are you going to make a sequal? I really want to find out what happened to Dylan, Asher, and Abigail.  

  • http://www.josiebloss.com Josie Bloss

    Hi all! I talked a bit over on the Meg Cabot forum about the sequel situation and I’m just going to copy that here – Unfortunately, there are no current plans for a sequel. I certainly have the ideas/plot for one – it would DEFINITELY involve Asher and Dylan meeting back up again when they’re both in better spots, and possibly going to get Abigail out of a horrible situation – but a sequel is just not in the cards right now. I’m not completely shutting that door, though! Honestly, I didn’t want to end the story in a neat bow with them together because I wanted this leg of Dylan’s journey to be about her, not necessarily about how she found a nice boy, if that makes sense. Also, at the end of the story, I think both her and Asher have a bit to go before they’re ready to be together.

  • Mikelle Cagle

    I have to echo the comments here. I loved Faking Faith, and hope you will consider some type of sequel or follow up. Thank you.