Faking Faith and the Meg Cabot Book Club!

There’s an interesting discussion AND a Faking Faith giveaway over on the Meg Cabot forums. You can join in here…a hundred spoiler alerts if you haven’t read the book yet, though!

(You all know that Meg Cabot is pure, unadulterated awesome, right? Just want to make sure everyone is aware.)

One question that’s come up a few times is if there’s going to be a sequel to Faking Faith. Here’s how I replied:

Unfortunately, there are no current plans for a sequel. I certainly have the ideas/plot for one – it would DEFINITELY involve Asher and Dylan meeting back up again when they’re both in better spots, and possibly going to get Abigail out of a horrible situation – but a sequel is just not in the cards right now. I’m not completely shutting that door, though! Honestly, I didn’t want to end the story in a neat bow with them together because I wanted this leg of Dylan’s journey to be about her, not necessarily about how she found a nice boy, if that makes sense. Also, at the end of the story, I think both her and Asher have a bit to go before they’re ready to be together.

Short answer – maybe someday. But I have no doubt that in the alternate universe that contains all the characters who live in books, Dylan and Asher are getting it together and making their individual ways toward each other, and it’s going to be amazing.

For now, though, I’m working on some new, slightly darker projects that have completely taken over my brain and that I’m super excited about. I’ll share news when I can!

  • http://slayground.livejournal.com/ Little Willow

    Rock on, Josie – and happy early birthday! 🙂

  • Dolphindiva_87

    i just finished reading it about 5 minutes ago and i want you to write a 2nd one. i could not put it down. please please please write another one!!!!!!!!

  • Jazzy_ily18

    I just finished the book and my eyes were glued to the words. I felt as if i were Faking Faith. I could not put the book down. One of my favorite books for sure!