Band Geek Love is officially coming out next Tuesday, and I’m sort of in a distracted daze about it. I’ve been thinking about how strange and a little sad it is to come to the end of this process (not too sad, since I’m shoulder-deep in the sequel right now!) but my first book represents a lot to me both professionally and personally.

I started writing the book in June of 2006, and since then, my life has changed enormously. Mostly in good ways – I try to view all change as positive – but to the point that where I am now is wildly different from where I was in June ’06. And through it all, one thing that remained reliably consistent was Band Geek Love . I’ll miss it…the anticipation.

(Thus ends the melancholy.)

Fortunately, I am just at the beginning of the Band Geeked Out process, which is going suspiciously well. And there’s my next book, which is always murmuring in my head like a movie that you have playing in the background while you’re doing other things. I’ve also really been enjoying writing and acting in plays (I adore dialogue, so this works well).

There is always something new and interesting to be immersed in…the end of one chapter is just the beginning of another.

  • http://booklady.wordpress.com Caryn

    Well said — without ending one thing, you’ll be stuck in a rut and can never begin anything new.

    Good luck with the launch next Tuesday!