Cool Review and Scavenger Hunt!

Wow, check out this awesome review of Band Geeked Out by a teen reader at the School Library Journal:

This story isn’t a fairytale story about how wonderful high school is—the characters have legitimate problems, nothing works out according to plan, and some relationships don’t work out. In other words, it’s like real life, and that’s a perfect reason to read it.

I would recommend it to all of my girlfriends, even if they weren’t band geeks. It’s a very realistic depiction of the college search process, parental pressures, and dating issues. I found it very easy to relate to Ellie and the struggles she was going through. Her thoughts, ideas, interactions, and reactions to situations were all very realistic, making her even more likeable and drawing me more into the book.

Now THAT is a happy-making review.  Read the whole thing over here (though beware of a MAJOR spoiler in the last paragraph)!

Also, I’m taking part in Kay Cassidy’s Great Scavenger Hunt, which you can learn about right here.  The questionnaire for Band Geek Love is already up on the site, and Band Geeked Out should be there soon!  (If you’re a teen reader and want to become a “hunter”, you’ll have to ask your librarian to enroll in the program).  It looks like a whole lot of fun and a great excuse to devour a pile of books, plus who can argue with a $50 B&N card?  Happy hunting!

  • Kay Cassidy

    Great review, Josie! Woohoo!!! And thanks for the shout-out about The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest. The Hunt wouldn’t exist if not for scavenger hunts from gracious authors like you. 🙂