Chapter One

It’s an exciting time here in Band Geek Love land, with the release date less than two months away! It just seems to be sneaking up on me…I find myself looking over my shoulder a lot.

The other day I received some very awesome mail. Perhaps the awesomest mail that has ever been addressed to me. I opened it, and the contents looked something like this:

I can haz trumpet?

It’s the first time I’ve held a book that I’ve written in my hands (well, at least since I wrote that story about a spider with identity issues in the third grade and the teacher laminated it and I then went around telling people I was a published author), so I’m somewhat and rather…excited. Did I mention that? The excitement? The exciting excitingness of it all?

Anyway, to celebrate, I’ve put up the first chapter of Band Geek Love on this here website. All sorts of crazy things happen within that first chapter, but perhaps the most important parts are the very last two paragraphs, so I recommend you read all the way until the end in order to properly cringe along with poor Ellie. Well, either cringe along with or cringe at, depending on your sense of humor. I personally tend to think that the experience was good for her.

  • The Story Siren

    how exciting!! I read the first chapter! it was great, had to leave us hanging!!!

  • Helene B

    Your first chapter is great! Congrats!

    I’ve been coming back and forth to your site since I’ve been trying to revise my wordpress site and LOVE how you’ve laid out everything.

    Much success with Band Geek Love!


  • musicgirl12

    Wow, amazing chapter! I've only read the second book because my library doesn't have the first one. But I'll find it somewhere b/c I loved the chapter!!!