Best Part About Being a Writer

Don’t forget this contest to win a copy of Albatross on Meg Cabot’s site!  I’m really enjoying the stories and advice people have shared so far…it’ll be hard to pick a winner.

Also, check out my local writer friend and fellow kt literary client Julia Karr’s new website…she’s giving away stuff (including, rumor has it, a copy of Albatross).  I can’t wait for her awesome futuristic book, XVI, to come out next year!

I had a solidly unproductive weekend though I did once again remind myself that the nicest thing about being a writer is that I can call my own regrettable behavior “research”.  So no matter how much I flat-out cringe-for-DAYS embarrass myself, I can use the experience in a book someday and therefore I always win!  See how that works?  Probably one of the best reasons to be a writer, in my opinion.

(Please note this does not mean one should go out and actively PURSUE opportunities to embarrass oneself, but it does provide a nice justification after the fact.)

Sorry, I can’t provide any further details.  You’ll have to wait for the book.

(Sometimes the world just feels like this, right?)

  • Julia

    Hey Josie – thanks so much for the blog support! And yes – Albatross will be a PRIZE! (It is a prize of a book already!)