Band Geeked Out Release Date and Conversations with Spam Queues!

So, Band Geeked Out will be out on April 1st, 2009!  Doesn’t that seem really, really soon? I am very excited about this sequel, I have to say.  It was one of those stories that sort of took on a life of its own and stubbornly refused to stick to my carefully plotted synopsis and I think turned out much more interesting and maybe a bit surprising as a result…I mean, I was interested and surprised as I wrote it, which seems like a good sign.

And if there’s one thing that I know about Ellie Snow, it’s that she needs to do a lot more veering spectacularly off-script. Which certainly happens in Band Geeked Out.

You can pre-order it already and everything!

If I ever want to introduce more veering off-script into future stories, I can always consult my comment spam queue for ideas.  Seriously.  The spambots have gotten strangely wordy, and I’ve noticed a definite downtick in helpful links to what the Supreme Court would call “prurient interests” and a whole lot more random, G-rated story telling.

And the stories almost make sense!  Like my spam queue is trying to tell me something in code!

“Custard knows was fading pontoon pedal boat death wasn’t what’s never odd or even eyed confidence bet resentful,” my spam queue says.

“Oh really?” I reply.  “Please tell me more.”

“Traveler away john deere 650 hay rake our day dropped money at a gas station known she fruit punch orange sherbet seven up companion,” it says, I imagine with a knowing look.

“That sounds important!” I say.  “I wish I knew what you meant!”

“Vampires stands between baccarat wheels wholesale had three dog has low red blood count ticking!”


“Tears glittered does either paulsen 500 poker chip set his car overgrown,” the spam queue sighs.

“That’s it, you’re getting deleted.”

But that threat doesn’t seem to bother it much.  We both know it’ll be back with 50 comments tomorrow.

  • Caryn Caldwell

    LOL! I’ve noticed that about my spam, too. The other weird thing? I don’t think I’ve ever once mentioned God or prayers, yet I get all these messages thanking me for having prayers on my website. Makes me wonder if they’re reading the same site I am.

    As for veering wildly off-script, now you know it’s not predictable, so that can only be good, right?