Band Geeked Out Cover REVEALED!

Band Geeked Out, the sequel to Band Geek Love, is officially up on Amazon for pre-order and I am very excited to share the cover.


Hi! I’m Ellie and I am FREAKING OUT.

I think it captures the essence of the story quite well (which is pretty cool, considering it was designed before I had even fully finished it) and, did you notice? It’s the same girl! That’s some awesome continuity, and major props to the fine designers at Flux (who just received a well-deserved shout-out in Publishers Weekly!) Thanks for the lovely cover.

Also, I sort of want that girl’s hair. And her lipstick.

  • Caryn Caldwell

    Great cover! Congratulations on it. And I’m with you — I definitely wouldn’t mind hair so well-behaved as hers. Where do you think we could get some? Target, maybe?

  • Josie Bloss

    Thanks Caryn!

    If they sold hair like that at Target, I’d totally buy two.

  • Little Willow

    Hurrah for cover continuity and proper photo rights!

    I saw the listing for Band Geeked Out in the new Flux catalog and cheered for you. Then I saw that they’d quoted my review of Band Geek Love and freaked out.