Dudes, Band Geek Love is already shipping from Amazon! This is very exciting (has any step of this process not been exciting? Well…maybe not wrestling with the final rounds of revisions. That was less exciting and more just grimly satisfying. But I’ll take both.) I’m just happy to know that Ellie Snow is out there in the world, messing up trumpet solos and making out with cute guys.

Anyway, if you are inclined, you can order a copy of Band Geek Love and Amazon will send it to you because that’s what they do!

I’ve already been asked to sign a few copies, which has been a strange experience. It was eerily like signing a high school yearbook, and I found myself scribbling in little messages to my mom or my friend or whomever I was signing the book for because just writing my name seemed weird. At least I stopped short of writing in a purple sparkly pen You were a kick ass lab partner! Stay cool! along with my phone number and a request to Call me this summer and we’ll chill! That would have been kind of an odd thing to say to my grandparents.

  • http://booklady.wordpress.com Caryn

    LOL! Glad to hear it’s available. Can’t wait to give it a read. 🙂