ALBATROSS Interview and First Chapter!

Hello again, blog!  I’ve missed you!

I hope you all had wonderful holidays.  I know that I did…especially that time around New Year’s when I basically became nocturnal.  Nothing says “a mature and healthy start to a brand new year” like staying up all night three times in a row.  Oh well.  At least it involved a lot of karaoke!  (My rendition of “Mamma Mia!” was inspired, I can assure you.)

So, the most exciting thing happening around here is that Albatross is out on February 1st…which is somehow only 25 days away!  I’m happy and antsy and have been biting my nails entirely too much.

There’s a cool interview with me about Albatross over on the Flux blog.  I overshare for a bit about why I wrote this rather sad and painful book after writing the two relatively cheerful Band Geek books:

FLUX: The tone in Albatross is more serious than your previous two books. Here, you’ve chosen a far darker story and style. What inspired this change?

JB: Though the story is darker, I think the themes of a girl finding her voice and her inner strength are quite similar to the Band Geek books. Honestly, this is a story that called to me and demanded to be written. I was going through a tough time in my personal life and when my world is upside down, it can be difficult to think or write about anything else. I borrowed significant parts of my own experiences for this book. In some ways, Albatross was my therapy and my method of productively processing these difficult experiences . . . and it’s a fist-bump to other people dealing with similar situations. Sometimes you just need to hear that you’re not alone.

You can read the whole thing here.

The interview also includes an excerpt of Albatross, or you can read the whole first chapter right here.  The first chapter will be up here on this site soon in a pdf as well.  The Web Guru is currently hard at work whipping up a whole NEW site for me, so I don’t want to harass him too much right now.  Stay tuned for a very pretty redesign!  It will involve purple.