Albatross Has Flown

Oh, yay, I finished the draft of Albatross.  I suddenly feel much…lighter?  I’ve been having lots of fun making Albatross-related jokes.  Well, as much fun as making jokes about a giant seabird/literary symbol can be.  Which turns out to be quite a lot of fun as evidenced by this Monty Python sketch that my editor, Brian, pointed me to:

(Seabirds don’t come in flavors.)

(Neither does the book.)

Feeling lighter is good, because it gives me energy to freak out over the fact Band Geeked Out will be on shelves in ONE WEEK on APRIL FOOL’S DAY.  Hurray!

  • Caryn Caldwell

    LOL! I do love Monty Python. Congratulations on finishing the draft!