Adventure Status: Survived!

I made it through the cave! The whole experience was weird and challenging and I’d recommend it to anyone who thinks that being surrounded by millions of pounds of rock sounds kind of fun. And if you think caving sounds horrible and maybe the worst idea ever because you don’t like confined spaces, two of the people in my group claimed that they were claustrophobic at the beginning, and then said they totally got over it by the end.  Yay for overcoming fear!

Cave Opening: Just as creepy as it appears.

I’ve never really had issues with being claustrophobic, but I did manage to have one small-ish personal crisis as I was going through a spot called “the keyhole”. The opening was about as big as an average-sized computer monitor and, you know, not exactly designed for a human body to fit through comfortably. I got stuck and panicked for a minute, considered bursting into tears and demanding that someone come get me (how? With dynamite of course!), but then managed to talk myself through and squeeze out. The below picture was taken moments after I realized I probably wouldn’t be stuck down in the cave forever:

I was somewhat relieved. Also, extremely dirty.

The only other really hard part was fighting off the 60-pound mutant albino cave bat that attacked our group as we were leaving and…oh, wait. That was just a story idea. Whew.

  • The Story Siren

    oh wow! i don’t know if i could ever do that!

  • Trish

    That looks like fun. Scary, but fun.

  • Letha

    Looks like you had a blast! Where were you caving? Like the story idea… though so many get the wrong impression about our furry little friends… LOL Cave On! ~ Letha Welch, Maribel Caves Park, Wisconsin